Power Girl 25 000


6 thoughts on “Because There Can Never Be Too Many Pictures of Power Girl On This Site. Seriously. In Fact, I Feel I Need A Lot More.

  1. Her bust is almost exactly the same as my wife’s. Sometimes, God (and the universe) provides. Thanks, Cullen, for reminding me to give her a hug, this morning. Inspiration can sometimes come from where you least expect it, my good Internet friend…

    1. I’m glad to hear this post provided a good and useful function, instead of the rather sad one I intended it for.

      Meaning posting just to post something.

      Nothing sad about adding more Power Girl to this site. Noperiee.

      1. Hey – You’ve got a great site – and one can never know how they influence the reality of other folks – even over a period of years (which is how long I’ve been a fan of your site). Life (and the Internet) is far more amazing than most of us can imagine (just look at Beckoning Chasm and my old Internet friend Ken Begg (who I first encountered in Feb. 2004 – coming up on 10 years now – wow…) 🙂

        1. That’s always good to hear.

          Last year ended badly for me and it’s been tough wanting to write here. The sister review site, however, has picked up steam. Instead of the usual one review a month (actually zero reviews have been usual, but leave me my delusions) I’ve already gotten two down with a third popping up next Friday. My writing-to-get-publish has also picked up, though remains the depressing not-for-prime-time standard. Hopefully, though, the two of them will influence work here, too.

          This has been the longest project I’ve ever worked on. The most depressing and most satisfying one too, if you can believe it. I really kind of want it to continue

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