On the Meaning of Instant

Just a little something so you know I’m still thinking of this blog:

Today I was checking to see what Amazon had for downloadable movies.  See, I have this other site I review movies for and if I have another source for my films, it be easier to do reviews.

Right?  Right.

Anyhoo, I started clicking titles and kept getting “Currently unavailable.”  Which is fine, except to my mind a decent store shows only what it has and not what it once had/might have.  Common courtesy and all.

However, as I went on looking, I found an option that allowed me to turn off the movies Amazon didn’t have, yet wanted to showcase anyways.  Well and good.  Off went the titles.

Now, do you know what this option was?  A little box, followed by the words “Include Out of Stock.”

How in the name of Vincent Price! can any downloadable item ever be considered in stock?  They don’t have any tangible characteristics!  Are there rows and rows of shelves where you can find physical instant videos?  The entire concept is unsane!  Not insane, unsane.  The concepts so stupid insane wouldn’t even give it the time of day.

Why not “Include Unavailable.”  Or “Include Currently Unavailable.”  Fewer words.  Pithy.

But what do you expect from a company that teases you with films they don’t have.


I really wanted Mummy’s Shroud


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