Ohknee’s Not Even Trying Any More, Is He?

Onknee SpambotMy life is in suck mode now for reasons I seriously hope I won’t have to go into, thus the radio silence here.  I say this to defer suspicions that I have no readers and have given up the blog.  Don’t be silly.  I’m used to the former and not smart enough to do the latter.  Clearly.

However, a wee bit of spam snuck through my spam guard and I thought it would be nice to share the moment.  Not the spam itself specifically–it’s really standard issue and dull, but its general purpose and location.  See, it’s for porn (duh), but it attached itself to a post on spam.  Not any post mind you (I do have a lot here), but the one dealing with spam advertising two books on dating.

Maybe it’s just me.  Maybe I’m desperate for a laugh.  But I find that hilarious.


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