New Classic Who: The Enemy of the World and Web of Fear

The big news of the month for me is, of course, the discovery of lost Doctor Who episodes.  As long time readers of this site know, I am a big fan of Classic Doctor Who, and yes I still pretend there are readers here beside me, it’s tragic, leave me alone.  The new stuff I’m eagerly looking forward to, almost as much (or perhaps even more so) than the next dose of Current Doctor Who.

Patrick Troughton 000But what are these episodes?  Well, they are back to back stories of the Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton) Reign.  Enemy of the World has the Doctor struggle against the tyrannical ruler of Future Earth, the Salamander, who by coincidence looks just like the Doctor.  Following this (in sadly still incomplete form) is Web of Fear, in which the Doctor battles a malign force known as the Great Intelligence and its army of robot Yeti monsters.

The possible finds could have been much worse (hello Space Pirates!) but I can’t help but be a wee disappointed that Enemy of the World was one of them.  Here’s a story without a single monster in it.  Just a bunch of normal humans running around with normal human problems, like an earthquake machine and a way to trigger volcanoes.

You know.  Typical fare.

Doctor Who Enemy World CoverI had the book (pictured rightish) as a younger man and I don’t remember it being terrible.  In fact, from what I’ve heard, it’s pretty good.  But it’s nothing I can get that much excited about.

Don’t get me wrong.  I wanna see/own it.  I am glad it was found, and not, say, Underwater Menace (another unseen Classic slammed; I have no shame).  It’s just I wanted Macra Terror.  I wanted Fury from the Deep.  I wanted Daleks.  Evil or Power, it doesn’t matter.

Does that make me ungrateful?  Probably.

My excitement for getting Web of Fear should make up for that.

I mean Web of Freaking Fear!  One of the Yeti stories!  The introduction of the Brigadier!  The Brigadier!  A character I’ve loved since childhood!  Whose adventures I read since I was eight!  Whose title I apparently can’t spell if a gun is pointed toward my head.  I know!  I tried!

God bless spell check.

Doctor Who Web Fear CoverWeb of Fear, like Enemy, was one of the books I had as a kid.  It is also one of the few “audio” editions of the Classic Series I own.  Which makes that purchase superfluous, which is sad, considering I could have gotten a Dalek one, but still!  Still!

I have high hopes the BBC will do the right thing and animate the missing episode for the DVD.  ONE EPISODE!  They did it with Tenth Planet, so it’s a natural fit, right?



That vain hope aside, I can’t wait to get my hands on this story.  On both stories.  It’s great news for a fan, and though it’s folly I hope we get more good news like it very, very soon.


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