The Current Worthy Horror of Netflix Instant (More or Less)

I was talking to Brother Eric early this morning about various Horror movies, and one thing lead to another and I found myself wondering: What kind of good (or at least interesting) Horror movies are there currently on Netflix Instant?

So I went there and made a list.

Because I’m that way.

The family is properly ashamed, in case you’re curious.

Below is a list of names that jumped out at me.  While going through it, bear two things in mind:

  1. With the exception of one film I have seen all of these films in one form or another myself.  Thus good stuff might well be left off the list; excuse me if it is.
  2. This list was written with Brother Eric in mind, in the hopes of finding him a Horror flick up to his standards (more or less).  Which is why none of the Evil Dead movies are up here; he is not a fan of the first one.  The second one… I really didn’t like it as well as the first.  Also, The People Under the Stairs should be on this list, but I seem to recall watching it with Eric and I’m trying to point out things he hasn’t seen.  Thus.  Not on list.

More things to be aware of. This is a list of ten movies put in no special order save alphabetical.  It’s set up Title: Spoiler free synopsis, then mine own words of wisdom.  If I ever get around to reviewing them at the sister site, a link to the particular movie will be provided.  Be warned that over there I go into depth, I spoil, and I tend to be incoherent,

I know.  Shocking.


Here’s the list.

  • Black Sunday: A long dead witch rises from the grave as a vampire to plague the descendents of those who wronged her.  Actually, there’s a little more to it than that.  It’s early Mario Bava and features the debut of Horror Great Barbara Steele.  It’s been ages since I’ve seen it, but it was one of the films that made me a Bava fan.
  • Deadly Blessing: Death stalks a young widow living in a farm house believed possessed by Evil.  Of the titles on this list, several are suspect for various reasons.  This one, ha ha, I’m putting here because it has one of the most bizarre endings you’d ever want to see.  I don’t remember most of the film (save that I kind of liked it), but that ending stayed with me to this day.  It’s directed by Wes Craven, who doesn’t do half bad most the time.  It also has a young Sharon Stone as one of the widow’s friends.
  • Dumplings: A middle-aged woman’s search for restored youth takes a disturbing turn.  This is another questionable one.  I recall seeing a film with this plot as part of a Horror anthology and I’m fairly certain it’s the same plot if not the same film.  What it’s really about escapes me (unlike most of the others on the list) but my memory of it suggests it’s worth looking at at the very least.
  • Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell: A young doctor imprisoned in an insane asylum due to his experiments becomes the willing assistant of the doctor in charge of the place: one Baron Frankenstein.  Okay, how long has this been on Netflix without anyone telling me?  Huh?  It’s in no one’s top Ten Horror flicks, but it’s the last Hammer Frankenstien, the last Peter Cushing Frankenstein, and the last Terrence Fisher Flick period.  It would be worth checking out for that alone even if it was terrible, and as I recall, it isn’t.  Oh, and the guy playing the monster?  Darth Vader.  No lie.  Also look for a quick cameo by the Second Doctor himself, Patrick Troughton.
  • Ju-On: The Grudge:  An evil place spreads its malign influence.  Not one of my favorite Japanese Horror flicks, but if you haven’t seen it, it’s worth checking out.
  • Kill Baby Kill: A doctor investigates a series of strange deaths caused by a ghost girl.  This might be one of the more influential films out there, as the blond ghost girl (here played by a little boy) pops up quite a bit in Italian Horror (and abroad.) The story isn’t that coherent, but some of the scenes there in are unforgettable.  Another Bava flick.  As is the next one…
  • Lisa and the Devil: A young woman finds herself trapped in a mysterious Italian house.  Speaking of incoherent, I’m not exactly certain what is going on in this film.  It lingers, though, long after you finish watching it.  It features Telly “Kojack” Savalas as possibly the title character.  No, not Lisa.  Oh! also currently shown on Netflix Instant Cue is a movie with the same cover but the name House of Exorcism.  This is the same movie, except with less Bava and more nudity.  And Exorcisms.  Because of course that was what it was lacking.
  • Mad House: An aging Horror star’s return to feature films is plagued by a murderous mad man.  This one I haven’t seen yet, sadly, and probably it shouldn’t be here.  However it has Vincent Price! in the lead with Peter Cushing acting along side in what has to be one of their closer collaborations.  Eric, a Price! fan, might be tickled by that.  Or not.
  • Pulse/Kairo:   Strange deaths lead to what might be the end of life on Earth.  Another questionable one, as I had to look up the plot on Wikipedia.  However i remember liking the hell out of this,  Perhaps it’s time for Mr. Waters to give it a rewatch.
  • Session 9: An asbestos removal team encounters madness at an abandoned insane asylum.  Very memorable flick, worth watching if you haven’t already.

2 Replies to “The Current Worthy Horror of Netflix Instant (More or Less)”

  1. I’m going to check these out. In particular, I was already planning on watching Session 9, and anything with Uncle Vincent in it is worth watching.

    I think, however, you might have missed the main thrust of our discussion: I want to be scared. I love movies that manage to scare me, as rare as they are.

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