Boycott Past Doctor Discriminating BBC!

According to the Observation Deck, classic Doctor Who actors , Sylvester “my regeneration death was a travesty” McCoy, Colin “Oh yeah well at least yours didn’t involve bumping your head on the TARDIS console” Baker, and Peter “my regeneration death is still the best ha ha” Davison as well as modern Doctor Who actor John “my name appeared in a Green Arrow product and is now tainted forever” Barrowman appeared outside of the BBC offices to protest their lack of involvement in the 50th anniversary Doctor Who special.

Excuse me a moment.  Haven’t typed a sentence that long in a little while.  Ran out of breath.  Whew.  Getting old, getting old.

Anyways.  By all accounts this is a group of fellows having a little fun.  More power to them.  I happen to agree that the BBC should have found away of squeezing them in.

That’s not why I’m here, though.

Look at this picture.

Doctors on Strike 000

That’s Peter Davison and Sylvester McCoy there.  Davison looks all man-in-the-street, but McCoy?  McCoy looks like he just stepped out of his TARDIS.  He looks more like the Doctor than he did when he was playing him.

I love that.

And no, not really with the Barrowman thing.  Honestly.


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