I Would Expect No Less Out Of Him

World's Finest Comics 257 000

I can’t be the only one who sees this.  I can’t be.

Here is the cover of World’s Finest #257.  We have the comic’s main heroes dropping in on a clearly evil bag lady.  Of course, as much as I know about DC, she may well be Lex Luthor’s mother; she seems to be shopping at the same Super Science store he does judging by what’s in her bag.

What caught my eye about this cover is the splash of green over there on the left.

World's Finest Comics 257 001

Now what Green Arrow‘s doing on the cover of a comic called World’s Finest is beyond me.  Aquaman I would understand.  The Wonder Twins I’d look in askance at but accept.

But Green Arrow?

Green Arrow?

Are you kidding me?

It’s clear that the artist (Jim Aparo, one of the few DC artist name’s I recognize) intended for all three heroes to be rushing to face this new threat.  Common enough, really.

But let’s look at that this again.

Look at Batman and Superman.  Look at at the motion lines, showing them moving towards the dread homeless lady and her bag full of hateful green snot.

Then look at Green Arrow.  No motion lines.

Thus the truth becomes clear.  As Batman and Superman risk their lives, Green Arrow is in the background standing as still as he can, hoping the bag lady mistakes him for another statue.

Proving once again that the only thing brave about Green Arrow is the way he styles his goatee.


Oh shut up.


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