Rereading my old stuff is sometimes a trip.  There’s this glorious disconnect, and I start staring in amazement, thinking, I wrote this?

This explains my continued love of this blog, obviously.  I reread it, go, “What a semi amusing  jackass,” and it’s sometimes a good five to ten minutes before I remember I’m talking about myself.

But anyways.

A part of the reason it’s a trip is because occasionally come across things and wonder what in the name of Diplodocus was I thinking.

Which brings us to our title:  honorificabilitudinitatibus

I’m reading one of my unfinished novels and I saw it just sort of sitting there, chillaxing.  I remember it, kind of, remember having done… something with it.  And that it amused me.

Hopefully it’s just use it in a single work, then forget it completely.

Seeing that I used a word so ungainly, I figured I HAD to have come here to gloat about it.  Which I did.

I am a very odd person.  I hope it’s an interesting odd.  And not too much of a jack ass.

I’ve seldom entered honorificabilitudinitatibus, for the record.  Just thought you’d like to know.


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