You Never See Stuff Like This Happening To Power Girl

One of the sites I have an eye on is YOU CHOSE WRONG, a site dedicated to the various unfortunate ending in game books such as Choose Your Own Adventure, Fighting Fantasy, and Which Way.   These are books I loved as a kid, so I get a kick out of the occasional revisits to old friends.  More, it shows me stuff I missed out on back in the way-back.

Yesterday’s post underscores the latter pleasure.  Behold the potential sad, sad fate of Kara Zor-El, Superman’s cousin, from Super Powers Which Way #2: Supergirl – The Girl of Steel:

Supergirl 001

Now I’m not the greatest Supergirl fan, but that hurts me.  Imagine buying the book, looking for great super hero action, and ending up with that!

According to what I’ve read, poor Supergirl’s in some sort of magical land, so this isn’t as “The Hell…!?” as one might think.  But come on!  Downed by mice people?  That’s not a fate she deserves by any stretch.  Seems more appropriate for, I dunno, maybe Green Arrow.

In fact, I’m kinda shocked that hasn’t already happened in continuity.  That or shooting himself in the foot with his own arrow.


But I might be bias there.


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