Fan Art! We’ve Got Fan Art Here!

I know that no one but me cares, but sorry about falling through on the Corpse Party promised last time.  To do it right I need to reinstall the game, and I haven’t got around to that yet.

Instead, I thought I’d put up more fan art I doodled.  Have a laugh at my lack of artist talent and all that.  Been a while.

Starting from least (kind of) and moving to best, behold!  A Ninja Turtle!

This is Venus.  That's the popular Turtle, right?  Honestly I can't tell them apart.

This one’s a swipe, a drawing based on an existing drawing.  Only I messed up with the head and couldn’t get the snarl right.  So the smile is from another Turtle.

At the time I was relatively pleased with it.  More I look at it, though, the more I can see the flaws.  Like the shoulders.  And the shell.  And so on.

Next, from Super Mario Bros., it’s Mario Mario!

I never play as him if I can play as Luigi.


It’s Mario.

Why would I lie to you about that?

Moving on.

This drawing came out better than I had hoped, so I tried the simpler designed Toad.

Diaper Head was what my brother called him as a kid.

This is a VAST improvement, especially compared to the first two.  The head’s a little lopsided, the eyes are misshapen and that shading!  Don’t talk to me about the shading.

Still, I like it.  It has character.  It captures the essence of the character.  It’s also a swipe, but still.  It shows I’m learning.

Of course, I have a way to go before I can call myself competent.  Flush with the (relative) success of Mario and Toad, I tried my hand at Princess Peach.

The results…  Not pretty.


Yes.  Well.  They can’t all be successes.

But they can’t all be failures, as we move from video game characters to a comic book character I discovered via a video game.

Scud 000

This drawing of Scud the Disposable Assassin I like a lot.  This isn’t a swipe at all, though I did use some other art for reference.

Again with the misshapen shoulders, but I’m learning.  Right?  Right.

Finally, we have the greatest video character of all time.  The guy every man wants to be and whoever woman thinks every guy is.  The champ.  The Golden Boy.  The one and only Leisure Suit Larry.

Leisure Suit Larry 000

A swipe, but really, it’s almost pitch perfect.

Anyways.  That’s some of the fan art I’ve been working on.  If the stars are right, maybe next time I’ll have some non-fan art.

Or an essay.  Who knows, in this new age of madness…



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