Knife Bear, the Bear With a Knife, Has Got a NAME, BABY!

The Venture Bros.

Who is Knife Bear? Why, only the greatest character find out of the four season of the Venture Bros.  Or, perhaps more correctly, one of my favorite things about the last season.

And as I mentioned before, he’s a nameless entity no longer.  At this year’s New York Comic-Con, series creator Jackson Publick had this to say on the matter:

I call him “The Scare Bear.” He’s probably just a psychopathic killer. I wanted to slip him into the background all over that season and kind of forgot to. I was writing a scene for another episode that I had to cut. To me, he’s always there, breathing and watching. Maybe we’ll remember to stick him around. I like any time the villains on our show have to deal with the true face of evil. It makes them uncomfortable.

I wish I thought of calling Knife Bear the Scare Bear.  And dig the rest of that paragraph!  Exactly the arc I want to see out of the character.

October 28 should have a Venture Bros. Halloween special.  The next seasons should start January next year.  I can hardly wait.


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