Memo to Self: “Daemon” by C. L. Moore

I’ve read a lot of stories in my life.  Some stick with me, others don’t.  The ones that do I sometimes seek out to reread, to see what made them so memorable.

It helps, though, if I can remember what they were called.  That was my problem with Daemon by C. L. Moore.  I couldn’t remember the title.

I could remember the basics.  This man and his friend find themselves stranded on a tropical island.  When the friend dies, the man discovers the island is inhabited by mythological creatures, including the Greek God Pan.  There was a confrontation with a third man, but what it was I couldn’t remember what it was about or how it ended.

Doesn’t matter.  In any case, I’ve been looking for it for years.  Only I’ve been looking for it under the name The Great God Pan.  Which is wrong.  So wrong.  Achingly wrong.

In any case, today I found the story (even where I first read it: The Treasury of Modern Fantasy).  Thanks to the Internet, I’ve even reread the thing for the first time in at least a decade.  Probably longer.

Was it worth the effort?  Yeah.  Yeah it was.


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