Brock Sampson is a Demigod

You don’t always know when you became a fan of something.  For instance, I couldn’t tell you why I’ve always loved Spider-man and Godzilla; they were such a part of my early childhood that the information just isn’t there.  Of a more resent vintage, I can’t explain why I like Wolverine; he just sort of grew on me.

However, I can pinpoint the exact moment when I became a fan of the Venture Bros.  One night, out of curiosity or because I was flipping through the channels, I turned the show on.  There was this car falling through the air.  Inside the car were two men, a bald guy who was clearly terrified and a blonde dude who clearly wasn’t.

The car crash lands inside this structure (not sure if I recognized it as a cocoon or not) in the middle of a mess of men dressed in butterfly outfits.

And then this happened:

Now I can’t say why I love that scene as much as I do.  No more than I can explain why, after four excellent seasons, it remains so high on my favorites list.  But it does.


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