More Blathering About Power Girl’s Wardrobe, or Well At Least He Made It Two Months Without Talking About Power Girl, or Hey! Why Isn’t He Talking More About Mary Worth! That’s What I Wanna Know

One of these days I’m going to figure out why mile long titles tickle me so.  It’ll probably some dark, dark, evil reason.  Or a really stupid one.  Okay, it’s more likely the former and not the latter.  No need to rub it in.



For those who have come in late:  I am a fan of the DC Comics Super Hero known as Power Girl.  I have no idea why I’m a fan, and I insist it isn’t because she’s occasionally drawn with breast the size of small mountains.  Sometimes I talk about stories she’s in.  Sometimes I try my hand at drawing her.  Sometimes I write bad poems about her.  Sometimes she pops up in posts for no damn reason at all.  But up to this point I haven’t bought a single comic featuring her.

Because that’s the type of fan I am.


Very, very cheap.

The last time we talked about PG, it was about a shift in her costume.  Namely instead of the white revealing number she usually wore, DC had her put into something less… showy.  The previous link covers my thoughts on the matter, but the important part is that I rather liked the change.

Below is the image.

All of us on the same page?  More or less?

Okay, by this point Worlds’ Finest #1 has been out for what?  A month?  Several months?  I don’t want to underscore this too much, but I really am a terrible fan.

In any case, it’s out, and here is the above cover again.  Only there’s been some changes.

Note the change in costume.

My question is why?  Why the change?  The other costume was pretty damn good, I think.  Not nearly as busy as this one.  Although I do like the collar a little better.

Still.  Makes no sense to me.

That said, what matters is the characterization.  And judging by the below panel…

…it works for me.  I have no idea what she’s talking about here, but I like the line.  I like how playful she seems.  I like the fact she isn’t looking like a zombie sex toy, unlike some drawings of her I’ve seen.

Of course, this only matters if I actually pick up the comic.  Or a trade.

Which I probably won’t.

Because I’m a bad fan.


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