Of Course, It Could Have Always Been Horns of Nimon…

So I’m entering Netflix, hoping to spot something to watch, when I notice a listing for Crime TV Shows from the 1980s.  In the list are the usual suspects, such as Miami Vice and Knight Rider.  Some British shows, too, as British mysteries have always been a thing in my family.

The Curse of Fenric
I find it also deeply interesting that Zemata has given me the novelization cover and not the DVD cover… The Curse of Fenric (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At the end of the list, though, is the Doctor Who story Curse of Fenric.

Which is odd to say the least.

Because Doctor Who isn’t a “Crime TV Show.”

Now had it been The Ribos Operation, I could understand.  That deals with a sort of Galactic swindle.  

City of Death deals with art theft (specifically one of the Mona Lisas; you’d have to see it to get that last one.)

Curse of Fenric itself is set during World War II and deals with future vampires, a sort of Elder God, and a century or so old trap for our favorite Time Lord.

I think Netflix might, just might, be misguided in its picks.


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