Oh, You’re So Cool, Brewster!

Fright Night (2011 film)
Fright Night (2011 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, as absolutely no one recalls save me, I had a passing interest in the Fright Night remake.  I knew that at some point I would watch it, but I suspected that I wouldn’t like it.  The whole whys and wherefores can be found at that link.  Don’t look at the title too much while you’re there.

In any case, I watched the remake a couple of nights back, and while I’m not ready to write-up a full review I can safely say this would be a better movie if the original didn’t exist.  Oh, it has its share of problems, make no mistake.  Too much CGI, too many characters, and a basic uncertainty with what its Vampire wants.  The relationship between it’s Charlie Brewster and Peter Vincent doesn’t work at all and David Tennant looks like he’s still playing the Tenth Doctor, only cruder and drunker.

Fright Night

This isn’t to say the original Fright Night doesn’t have its share of problems.  It just feels more intimate.  Fuller.  With fewer characters you got to know everyone better.  And Roddy McDowell frankly kicks ass.

That said, the movie entertains.  While it’s never as scary as it should be, it has a great deal of humor and the action sequences can be quite thrilling.  Then there’s Colin Farrell‘s performance as Jerry the Vampire.  Not only is he the best thing about the movie, his performance marks him as one of the best Vampires ever.  The scene with him borrowing beer from the Brewsters, for instance, is excellent.

Without the original to compare it to, I think I’d like the new Fright Night a lot better.  And I suspect it’s good enough that the viewers who watch it first will like it over the original.

Not bad for a remake.




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