WordPress Ate My Post. Again.

So I click save draft, right?  Expecting Word Press to, I dunno, SAVE MY FREAKING DRAFT, and instead, it tells me my attempt has failed and that I should try again.  Doing so leave me with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING I JUST WROTE SAVE FOR THE STUFF I HAD SAVED THE LAST TIME WORD PRESS DEIGNED TO ALLOW ME TO ME SAVE.

This, as you might surmise, has left me a little miffed.  But of course, it’s my own damn fault.  I knew Word Press EATS MY GOD DAMN POSTS ALL THE GOD DAMN TIME.

So yeah.  No happy thoughts at this time.

Oh, and that little post count that keeps popping up whenever I post something?  That’s just putting salt on the wound.  Thanks.


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