Strange Dialogue V: The Quest For Peace of Mind the Gap

For the curious: this is another in a series of strange conversations between two odd individuals. It’s all fiction.

“So he had another post up about her last night.”

“Her who?”

“You know.  HER.”

“Still not getting you.”

“The woman, you know–“

“I got that from the pronoun.”

“The one who did that thing.  In the park.  With the goat.”

“Oh, her.”

“That’s r– you’re just humoring me now, aren’t you?”

“Pretty much, yes.”

“God, I hate it when you do that.”

“Enough to try shooting me in the face again?”

“Oh I don’t see why you keep bringing that up.  I only did that twice.”

“Four times, actually.”

“Don’t tell me you counted.”

“It was hard not to, all things considered.  Look, maybe if you tell me what the post was about I can figure out what the heck you’re talking about.”

“What post?”

“Probably doesn’t matter.  It wasn’t that interesting a post anyways.”

“How can you say that?  I thou– oh damn.”


“Damn, damn, damn!

“You can’t pull a me on me.”

“Well, anyways, he posted about her again last night, and it was an interesting piece.  Something about her hair being too short for her long face, and the color of her skirt being a metaphor for Sweden.”

“Oh, that blog post.  That her.”

“I’m not falling for that again.”

“No I’m serious,  I know exactly what you’re talking about this time.”


“I should.  I wrote the damn post.”

“…I really do hate you, you know that right?”

“What did you think that post was about?”


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