Giving the Reader What He or She Wants That Doesn’t Cause Me Any Inconvenience At All

Clear ImageOne of the great pleasures in my life these days is seeing just why people come to my blog. And shut up, they DO COME TO MY BLOG. They just never stay. And leave right away.

For the most part, they come for the Power Girl.  In this blogs history, I’ve gotten well over 35,000 hits for her alone, not counting the various misspellings and specifics (such as Power Girl boobs, Power Girl t***, Power Girl hentai, and, of course, thing on the fourble board (kidding; I mean Power Girl Sex.))

 However, some people need other forms of, shall we say, gratification.  For instance, perhaps as many as three lost souls came here for, and I’m not kidding in the slightest, “dragons of atlantis boobs”.  They had to of left here disappointed.  Which saddens me.


In an obscure fashion.

Which some might mistake for maniacal laughter.

But really, sad clown face.  Sad clown face.

For the most part, I just shrug my shoulders and say, what can you?  Today, though, I found one plea impossible to ignore.  A cry for help, as it were, in that vast wilderness known as the internet.

Someone came to this blog looking for the following:

real naked lady with real boobs showing all the way with nothing covering it and its [sic] areal [sic again] person

Now how can anyone read that and not think, “This guy needs help?”

Fortunately, I can provide for this person.  I can give exactly what he is hoping for.

Below is a picture of a real naked lady and areal person.  Her name is Mathilda May and the image itself is a behind the scenes photo of her on the set of Lifeforce, one of the greatest science fiction movies to feature Steven Railsback almost french kissing Patrick Stewart.  Not only are her real boobs out for the world to see, there is absolutely nothing covering any inch of her naked body.  It’s her, standing unashamed, naked from head to toe.

Here is the picture.

You’re welcome, nameless searcher of smut.


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