Alternate Lex Luthor, or It Took Him More Than a Year To Come Up With This Crap? or Yeah. I Know

A year or so back, I was cruising the web when I came across this essay over at Mike Sterling’s Progressive Ruin. It’s some musing over the following panel from Action Comics #294:

Action Comics No 294
Saturn Queen there in back looks like she’s plotting to steal yer soul. Just giving you a heads up.

Yeah.  Hair loss make Lex Luthor Eeevil.  Those were the days.

Anyway, seeing this, I began to think to myself, “Self?  What if said explosion caused some other change in Lex, beyond the hair loss?  Could this not be the basis of some mildly humorous outcomes that I might present to my non-audience?”

Inspired, I went to work.  Being the wildly talented guy I am, it took me better than a year to come up with this.  I know!  Staggers the imagination.

Anyways.  Here are the other changes to Luthor due to that oh so unfortunate explosion:

The Obligatory Scatological One

Ex Lax for Lex?
Ex Lax for Lex?

The Obligatory Realistic One

But really, missing bits doesn’t bother him at all.

The Obligatory Musical One

Look, they can’t all be mildly humorous.

The Obligatory Star Trek One

If he was truly evil, he’d have liked Star Trek: Enterprise.

The Obligatory Subtle One

I’m not sure of the logic of this one. But it no doubt would have happened in a Silver Age comic…

The Obligatory Slam Against One of My Brothers One

It’s true, you know.

2 Replies to “Alternate Lex Luthor, or It Took Him More Than a Year To Come Up With This Crap? or Yeah. I Know”

  1. Why, yes – it IS my lack of hair that makes me evil.

    How keen of you to notice.

    It’s funny – as soon as I saw the panel from Action Comics, I knew where this was eventually leading… 🙂

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