Proof Positive That Batman is the World’s Greatest Detective

And to think it only took Batman five hours to figure this out.

Meanwhile,  even after being bitten twice and having the facts of the matter explained in no more than two-syllable words by six superheroes (including Batman), Green Arrow still use a cobra to hang his tights out to dry.


The Batman panel comes from the Little Big Book Batman: The Cheetah Caper by way of Io9 and Bully from Comic Oughta Be Fun.  As it’s an old book and this is the “interwebs”, no doubt some other site has done the Batjokes  before in a more humorous manner.

The Green Arrow jokes, however, are clearly mine.  They are utterly hilarious and if you don’t agree then I don’t know what to do with you.


2 Replies to “Proof Positive That Batman is the World’s Greatest Detective”

  1. i couldn’t help but notice how much the fumph monster thingy over on the right looks like the giant spaghetti monster.

  2. In case I change the image of the moment, this is what Todd of 20 is referring to:

    Having looked up the Spaghetti Monster, I can see a resemblance. However, the Flumph a.) was created long before the GSM and b.) is a real live creature. Really. I don’t wanna hear otherwise.

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