Seven Years. Does This Mean Sadako is Going to Come Through My Monitor After Me?

I think I read somewhere that after seven years, every particle of a person has been replace. Thus the Cullen writing this post here is not the same Cullen who wrote this post oh so long ago.

 I find that a comforting thought.  Mainly because that Cullen was an asshole.

I’ve been doing this blog for seven years now.  It is officially the longest project I have ever set my hand to.  Has been for some time.  While I no longer have constant readers, I do take some pleasure in pretending that  I do.  I also enjoy the occasional brushes with the rest of the internet.

With the exception of the amount of Green Arrow exposure in my life.  That’s gone up far more than one mortal dares expose himself too.  The only thing less cool than him is Mary Worth, and who needs more of that in their life, amirite?

Okay, I fib.  Mary Worth is far cooler than Green Arrow.  But then again so is bread mold.


In any case, this blog continues to be a joy to do, after a fashion, to the point that doing it matters more than any readers I may or may not have or that I may or may not get.  Back seven year ago I wrote the following:

Here’s to hoping that something fun develops.

Fortunately for me, it has.  It grows apace.  And I hope I feel the same in seven years time, when that Cullen is bad mouthing this one.

Now if someone can tell me how to get this creepy girl back into my monitor, my day will be just peachy…


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