The Little Voice Speaks and I Must Obey

First off, if you’re wondering why I wrote this post in a shade of green, it’s St. Patrick‘s Day.  This is how I celebrate the day.  Not by getting drunk but by changing the color of my fonts.  And by punching people who do bad Irish accents.

So take care.

Second, I’m gonna talk about the RPG Maker game I’m fiddling with.  While I intend to make it as entertaining as I can, odds are good such a subject will bore most sane people to tears.  I’ll try to talk about something else with the next post.

Look! Family fun for everyone!

 Anyway, I sat down in front of the computer this morning, and instantly I didn’t want to work on my game.  Which is A SIGN.  Something is WRONG.  My subconscious knows it, but being the little punk that it is, it won’t come out and just tell me.  It wants me to guess.

So rather than, I dunno, map or, God forbid, work on the novel, I decide to work on certain game mechanics.  For instance, after an opening crawl explaining the world situation, I was going to have the players chose the gender of their characters, the character’s names, the name of their characters (opposite gender) childhood friend, and, through an ingenious set of questions, one of three classes (jobs) for their character to have.  Through out I was as witty and as clever as I could be, because hey!  That’s how I roll.

The day before I had everything finished up to the classes. I hadn’t done them because, ha ha, I decided I wanted to make my own, hee hee, which meant changing how the game did stats, among a list of other things because, ho ho, stats are connected to classes.

Why do this when the game is nice enough to supply me with a set of classes?

I don’t know.  Sounded like fun?  I spent too many hours alone?  There’s something hideously wrong with me that even five minutes with a drill to the temple won’t fix?  You tell me.

RPG Maker VX Ace has eight stats the designer can fiddle with (see figure to the right).  They are in order starting from the top, Max Hit Points, Max Magic Points, Attack, Defense, Magic Attack, Magic Defense, Agility, and Luck.  I’m not going to describe what each does more than I have to.  I just wanted to show what I had to look at for, at the very least, six potential classes.

Now as any RPG progresses, the characters within gain levels, and with each level their stats can change with them.  With the tools Ace provides, I can easily set up how many points each stat has at any point between the first level and the last (mythical level 99).  I can make the progression a simple straight line or all sorts of neat-o curves.

But first, I needed some ground work.

I decided I was going to handle things like I was making up RPG characters for a game (I know, what WAS I thinking.)  I decided I had a pool of twenty points total to assign to the six stats that didn’t have Max in their names.  To be specific, I was place the numbers 4/4/4/3/3/2 in what I felt were right stats, then add and subtract from each stat until I had something I felt wasn’t too over balanced.  And all the stats would always add up to twenty.

I might be repeating myself.  I’m very tired right now.

Anyways, I made up seven classes two specific to each gender, one that both genders could be, and two more for Non Playing Characters.  Below is a chart containing said information, for no other purpose other than I might be able to find it later.

Don't ask how I got the Max Stat numbers...

I put in the WARRIOR stats into the machine, then decide that all this effort has made Cullen sleepy.  Cullen has to take a nap.

I wake up from the nap to find that the little voice that was telling me I didn’t wanna work had finally quit being a punk and clued me into what was wrong.

My opening was too complex.

This was the same reason I dumped my earlier work on the project.  I was making the play wade through a lot of crap instead of letting them at the game as quick as I could.

So I fixed things.

Using the Star Wars opening crawl as a guide, I rewrote my crawl, shortening it and simplifying.  I dumped most of the choices I gave the player, keeping it to the most important two: gender and the main character’s name.  I fully intend to allow the player to rename the childhood friend, too, but only after they run into him/her/it.

That done, I found myself chomping at the bit to work.

Which means the little voice did a good job.  Now if it could only get off its ass about the novel…


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