The Hell…?! (XXVI) – The Coincidence Familiar

So early this morning I lay hands on RPG Maker VX Ace. Looking good, has a… well, an okay character making set. I think adding to it with my own art’s might be a must. But all in all, it’s looking good.

Then I open  up the Actors section of the database to look at some of the characters on the list.  And it all goes to hell.  Because I see… this:

 It’s the very frickin’ first name on the list!

I could take it if the name was just Eric, or maybe one of the countless misspellings spellings of the name.  But coupled with the class title Soldier?

With Brother Eric having once been in the Army?

This crap is so frickin’ bogus there ought to be a word to specifically describe it.  I mean this crap never happens to me! EVER!

Or, for the Too Long, Didn’t Read crowd:




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