And Now a Word From Brother Todd

A few words from me, first.

Interior art of Batman #428 (1988): "A De...
Fair's fair; Zemanta was on the button this time. Image via Wikipedia

Brother Todd, sad to say, is just the name I call him by.  While it is technically his name, his given name is Jason, which most humans call him.

And no, he wasn’t named after a certain Batman character.  We didn’t even know there was new Robin until years after he was born.  Though I do seem to remember seeing the vote.

Currently he is employed at DREAD WAL-MART as a photo tech.  On lunch, he heads to the near by Subway, which is where this short tale takes place.

Now that the exposition is done, here’s Todd:

So I get to the check out, and the guy asks me if I work for Wal Mart. I just saw him lose a battle of wits to a sandwich, so I refrain from telling him I’m on the way to a fancy dress party and opt to tell him I’d feel silly wearing the lab coat if I wasn’t.

When I handed him my debit card he asked me if my name was really Jason. I told him I only go by Jason to hide [f]rom the mafia. I don’t know if he believed me.

Just in case anyone ever thinks I’m too mean to him…


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