Fan Art: Dungeons & Dragons’ The Flumph

I honestly thought it was something Rich Burlew made up for Order of the Stick, but there really is a monster that looks like this:

Flumph, drawn in Rich Burlew's style
Image via Wikipedia

It’s called a Flumph.  In all my years with Dungeons & Dragons in my life, I had never, ever heard of it before.  So of course I had to draw it.


I love that thing.  My world is better knowing of its existence.

Of course, as with all great discoveries, it comes with a price.  I used Word Press’s little picture find to get the actual picture, and it came up with this:

Lamia Dungeons & Dragons
Image via Wikipedia

And this:

Succubus (Dungeons & Dragons)
Image via Wikipedia

To think, I was drawing a Flumph when I could have been failing drawing that.

My life sucks.


8 Replies to “Fan Art: Dungeons & Dragons’ The Flumph”

  1. Hey! you’re the only one who actually drew a Flumph! Fuck those other pictures, dude – yours is awesome.

    I love the Flumph, too. If you go back to that old OotS strip where they’re n the Hall of Forgotten Monsters, though, it’s important to note that literally everything in there was a real D&D monster at some point or another in history before 3e.


        1. That was in reference to you correcting your grievous spelling errors in your post, and not Tweets themselves.

          Speaking of corrections, I’ve used Dungeons AND Dragons instead of Dungeons & Dragons every fricking time the game came up. Every. Time.

          I’m correcting them all, damn it. But when I have more time…

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