A New Costume For Power Girl

With a headline like Power Girl Redesigned, you know I had to check it out. What with me being a big (yet not seriously following) fan. What I found was this interesting cover for Worlds’ Finest #1:

I like it.  No boob window or no over exposure of cleavage.  Not that I object to either that much.  It might silence some of the more annoying Power Girl criticisms.

It also won’t last a year, but that’s another matter.

I especially like the P on the cape.  Seems to me that harkens back to her being Superman’s cousin (as illustrated in the cover, a nice touch) while keeping her her own person.  Not crazy about how Perez drew her face, but hey!  No need to go crazy fan boy about it, right?  Right.

Also from that same article comes this from Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras:

They’re companion pieces, but they can be read separately. Again, this is part of the world-building. What we have in Huntress and Power Girl are two exiles from Earth 2. They are on our world. Part of the ongoing saga is, what do you do when you’re exiled from your world? Do you try everything you can to get back to that world that you know, or do you accept what you think is fate and make a new life here? I think that dynamic and that difference of opinion between these two main characters is what’s going to drive that series. But again, with a series like ‘Earth 2’ also being put out there, there is an ongoing story linking these books. I keep using the term, but it is key: it’s world-building and it’s universe-building.

Which sounds most interesting to me.  Also beats the living hell out of the Atlantis crap poor PG had to suffer through.

In any case, you know I’m going to be keeping an eye out for this.  And, as usual, I’m probably not even going to even buy the trade.

Cause I’m that kind of fan.

Best thing you can say about me?  At least I don’t download the torrents.


2 Replies to “A New Costume For Power Girl”

  1. I like the new PG costume. I don’t really care for the Huntress one, but then I don’t really care for Huntress, so I guess it doesn’t matter.

    Has Huntress ever been trans-Earth before? I know it’s been more or less a hobby for Power Girl for a while (she seems to be hopping between worlds whenever she’s not originating in Atlantis).

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