Thought About Fantasy Dwarves and Druids Inspired By Baldur’s Gate

So between struggles with the novel (again, as usual) I’m playing the golden oldies Video Role Playing Game Baldur’s Gate. For the most part I’m enjoying it and am looking forward to playing it again, as I figure I’ve made mistakes a plenty. But that’s neither here nor there.

In my party is a druid/fighter called Jaheria.  Jaheria is, how to put it politely?  Outspoken.  Yeah.  Outspoken.  If she has an opinion, she will share it.  And if someone gets his head battered in by said opinion, well so be it.

In any case, whenever we are in a mine or, really, in any man-made place underground, she will spout off “A hole in Mother Earth.  I would plug it had I the power!”  Which seems… I dunno, extreme, seeing as how we’re all walking through it.  But that’s beside the point.

Now, I figure her dislike of mines and such stems from her Druid belief system.  Which is well and good.  But it got me thinking.  What’s the Druid stance on Dwarves?

I mean, here Dwarves are, digging in the dirt, cutting swaths in rock and stone.  They even live in mountains, for heaven’s sake.  If a mine sends Jaheria into a fury, wouldn’t an underground kingdom cause her fits?

As I recall it, in Baldur’s Gate 2 she and the hero can go traipsing through an underground kingdom, so I might find out later.  But it seems like an interesting thought.  Are there Dwarf Druids?  Do they object to their Dwarven  kith and kin harming the Earth?

Oh, and this line of thought isn’t proof I have no life.  Nearly six years of working on a blog no one reads was enough for that.  Really.


4 Replies to “Thought About Fantasy Dwarves and Druids Inspired By Baldur’s Gate”

  1. You know, I’ve played the Baldur’s Gate games so many times, and that never occurred to me. I’ve been through the whole of the Jahiera romance line and it never occurred to me.

    I dunno. In old D&D dwarves couldn’t be druids; I’m now wondering if this is n’t exactly why. I can see it causing serious issues. On the other hand, it’s possible that dwarves use sustainable mining techniques. I know that they don’t do the whole open-pit mining thing the way FR humans do, so it’s possible that while she might not like them, she (and her fellow druid people) might be a bit more understanding.

    Also, mines are sort of a dwarf’s natural habitat, so…

    Of course, Jahiera’s a half-elf, so she may not be big on dwarves in the first place.

    Damnit, now I want to play BG…

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