The New Spider-Man Trailer Looks Boss

This year is shaping out to be a “Cullen Goes To the Movies a Lot” kinda year. There’s The Avengers, of course, and The Dark Knight Rises. The Hobbit: There and Back Again is a must, too.

And then there’s this little film.

Uh ho. Somebody tell Ditko he drew the Lizard wrong. No snout.

Now there’s been a little belly aching about The Amazing Spider-man.  Talk about the costume being wrong and how the Lizard doesn’t have  a snout (a carp that flabbergasts me every time I think about it cause the Lizard didn’t have a snout when he first appeared.)  And honestly, I have my qualms.  Martin Sheen and Sally Fields in no way resemble Uncle Ben and Aunt May (nor does Dennis Leary look like George Stacy, but that’s another matter.)  I have a feeling aspects of Spidey’s origin are going to be ducked up good.

But, end of the day, that looks like a Spider-man movie to me.  And I can’t wait to see it.

Of course, this looks like Spider-man to me too.

Just saying.

(God I love that theme song.)


2 Replies to “The New Spider-Man Trailer Looks Boss”

  1. I am so there for this movie. I will kill people to get into opening night.

    Favorite scene: Spidey in the back of the car saying “you really think I’m a cop? In a red and blue skin-tight outfit?”

    I will say this about the Lizard controversy: The Lizard has primarily been drawn with a snout over the years, even though he didn’t really start out that way. In fact, the Lizard’s snout seems to have something in common with Power Girl’s boobs: they both just seem to get bigger.

    That having been said, I think The Lizard looks cool… but a bit too much like Killer Croc. Also: odd choice for the first villain in a new movie series. Why does Hollywood hate the Vulture so much? Why must Doc Ock be relegated to sequels? Seriously, though – THANK YOU for not making the first villain the Green Goblin.

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