Inspired By Student 20 Productions: More Talk About VRPGs!

While it might surprise some, I do have rules. One of them is that if a comment runs long, it comes over here to live life in the sun as a blog post. Thus a comment on one of Brother Eric’s blog posts now sits before you in all its glory and majesty.  Tremble at its majesty!

Besides, Eric was nice enough to comment on my VRP Madness series.  Seems only fair I return the favor.

On Things Chrono

Chrono Cross
I wish the stars would align for a third in the series...

Chrono Trigger starts off his list of favorites.  This does not surprise.  As I said, it is one of the best Video Role Playing Games (VRPGs) out there.  Dated or not, it still rules the school, old son, and very few really compete with it even to this day.

He then mentions the sequel Chrono Cross in passing, which kinda did.  I didn’t mention it one way or the other as I talked about the games, and for cause.

But first, let us recall what Eric said on the subject (you did read his post, right?):

An Honorable Mention goes here for the sequel Chrono Cross. I didn’t like it as much, and the color-splash thingy in the combat system frankly annoyed me, but it’s a fantastic game with a great story and what I still think is the best opening music in the history of video games.

Now for the most part I agree.  Great game.  Unique combat system.  Entirely too many playable characters.  Excellent story.

But it gets points off for the final boss.  Because to win the game, to truly win the game, you need to know information that at no point does the game ever even hint at you needing.  There’s a certain room you enter where certain colors flash.  You have to remember the order the colors flashed in for your attacks at the last battle, else you get the nonstandard straight to credits end.   Nowhere do you get warned of this or told what to do to avoid it.

That, friends and neighbors, is the definition of cheap.  And while I love the game… it does keep it off certain lists.  Even as an honorable mention.

Serge (center) with some of the playable chara...
This? This isn't even a complete list of characters. Were so many really needed?

On Things Final Fantasy

I have nothing to say on Fallout or Elder Scroll, save that these are excellent games I never actually finish.  Especially Elder Scroll.  Never even came close.  Hope to change that with Skyrim.

Final Fantasy V
Cutesy art for such a serious game

On Final Fantasy 5, though… I mean, wow.  Wow, man.  This, 3 and 12 are the only ones I’ve played and never finished.  Not that there’s anything wrong with the games (well, maybe there is with 12), but still.  Would not have expected it.

I’d have been shocked if he never mentioned 4, though.  Him and 4 were tight for years.  Never understood it, myself.  Still don’t.  The rails guiding that bad boy’s are so fricking unforgiving it ain’t even funny.

What I find amazing, though, is that he doesn’t even give a nod to Final Fantasy 7.  Not even in passing.  He gives more love to Tactics than it.  This leaves me deeply, deeply curious.  Why the dis, bro?

Any excuse to post a picture of Tifa will do. The Power Girl of the VRPG set.

On Things Tactics

Speaking of interesting absences, Eric doesn’t mention a single Tactical RPG outside of Final Fantasy Tactics, and that one only in passing.  I found that very interesting.  But maybe not surprising.  The role-playing aspect in the Tactical sub-genre tends to get the short end of things.  Maybe that’s the reason he doesn’t have any favorites.

On Things General

I find it very interesting that neither of us give Dragon Quest much love.  That was such a big deal when we were kids, and now?  Nothing.

Neither of us mentioned a Breath of Fire in our lists, either, though that’s not as much of a shock.

I keep thinking we missed one somewhere worth mentioning… but oh well.

Anyways, thanks to Eric for his thoughts.  Well worth reading, as always!

Now if only I can get him to comment on the Review site…


4 Replies to “Inspired By Student 20 Productions: More Talk About VRPGs!”

  1. Awww, crap… I have a comment for this that’s too long for the comments section. I’m going to have to do another Blog post.

    I will be doing D&D Next first – I promised it an’ stuff. I have, like, two readers, so I wouldn’t want to disappoint them. But right after that, I got some comments. An explanation for the Final Fantasy 7 “oversight”, the actual oversight of Breath of Fire 3, and a general comment concerning all things Tactical and Dragon Questy. I think you’ll like what I have to say about Dragon Quest the best.

    Also: Don’t be so eager to “finish” Skyrim. Even Bethesda agrees that finishing the main questline isn’t the point – the credits don’t roll when you do. Remember what I said about Fallout NVand the Elder Scrolls games in general: finishing them isn’t the point. I have over 100 hours over ultiple characters logged on Oblivion, and I’ve never finished it. I doubt I’ll ever bother to finish Skyrim, either, Maybe I should say something about that, too…

  2. Holy crap – neither of us mentioned Legend of Zelda. Did… did I actually forget the greatest action RPG of all time?

    Or Secret of Mana!

    Crap… I need another whole post of favorite RPGs…

    1. I didn’t mention Zelda because, while I like Zelda, I don’t love Zelda. Windbreaker… er.. I mean Wind Walker was excellent, though.

      Same holds true with Secret of Mana. It just didn’t fit. Worse, I tried playing it recently and I couldn’t finish.

      And now I’m really looking forward to your future post. Breath of Fire 3 oversight? Really? Definitely a must read…

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