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Riffing Songs By Yourself At Night As You Drive Home

Ever find yourself riffing a song on the radio?

As a rule, when I hear music I a.) start writing scenes in my head, b.) sing with the song (knowing the lyrics optional) or c.) tune it out completely.  However, last night I found myself replying to the end of Pat Benatar‘s immortal classic Love Is a Battlefield.

Here is a sample.  Proof of my lack of wit in green:

We are strong, no one can tell us we’re wrong

You’re wrong.

Searching our hearts for so long,

Five minutes ain’t that long.

Both of us knowing
Love is a battlefield

Only if you’re doing it wrong.

This isn’t the first time I did this.  With Golden Earing‘s Twilight Zone I started calling out “What time is it?” just before George Kooymans says “It’s 2 a.m.”  That’s like, what, twenty or thirty times in the song?  Drove Dad nuts.

(Actually three.  Right at the start.)

What I’m wondering is, should I be concerned?  Or should I wait until I start expecting answers back?

Of course… here I am asking this… on a blog no one reads… expecting an answer…

Maybe I have worse things to worry about.

By Cullen M. M. Waters

Internet humorist, Writer of Speculative Fiction, movie reviewer, and all around good guy

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