Oh Great, Another Green Arrow Post

So they’re developing a Green Arrow TV series.

This is, of course, a meaningless thing.  They developed and shot a Wonder Woman trailer.  It died.  This might too.

But on hearing the news, my first reaction, excluding the screams that the Mayans were right, was to wonder why?  Why on Earth is Green Arrow so popular?

Best guess?  He’s cheap.  Think about it.  All he has is a bunch of arrows.  These days we’re too “adult” to take trick arrows seriously.  Thus the FX budget will have to be low.  Especially when compared to a potential modern Batman series.

Plus, what kind of fan base does he have?  I’m not saying he has no fans or that the fans are in some way defective (beyond the obvious way, i.e they’re Green Arrow fans)  But surely there’s not enough of them to scream too loudly if the series isn’t “pure”.

So maybe it makes sense to do a Green Arrow series.  And who knows.  It might even be good.  Especially if they lose the dumb goatee.

Oh, and make him interesting.  Somehow.


Me, I’m pulling for a Power Girl series.  I know, I know, it’s a harder one to pull off, especially with her connection to Superman.  But a guy can dream right?

Back to the series tomorrow.  Only two more posts, Cullen.  You can do it!


2 Replies to “Oh Great, Another Green Arrow Post”

  1. I’ve got a “worst games” post waiting to be posted. Nicole said she wanted to contribute, so I’m waiting for her bits.

    As far as the Green Arrow series goes – were you aware that Green Arrow was a major character in Smallville? I would assume that the series would be a spinoff of a Superboy based series that ran for 10 effin’ years.

    Personally, if it is a spinoff, I look forward to it.

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