A Few Thoughts on a Certain Webslinger

I got myself my first (relatively) new comic in well over a decade this week.  And before you ask, no, it’s not Power Girl.  Big fanboy I am, I know.

Instead, it’s Amazing Spider-man: Matters of Life and Death, a collection of fairly recent Spider-man stories.  I might do a fuller write-up in the future, and again I might not.  But here, now?


Really, really wow.

Reading that made me glad I was a Spider-man fan for the first time in years.  It made me want to read more new Spider-man.  Which, frankly, was a condition I thought I lost.

There’s a lot of changes in Peter’s life, too since I was here last.  Among them?  J Jonah Jameson is now mayor of New York City, a move that tickles me to no end.  Aunt May has remarried (to J Jonah Jameson’s father, of all people), something that I have no opinion on whatsoever.  And Peter now works as a scientist at a high-tech lab, which I think is a mistake, but one I can live with.

Now the last time I seriously looked at Spider-man, he’d joined the Avengers, and I’m not sure how I felt then, but now it just doesn’t feel right.  As a kid, I’d have eaten it up.  Here, in these stories, they seemed… I dunno.  Wrong?

Squirrel Girl
Still not a big fan of SG, but this collection helps a little in that regard.

Which is an odd thing to say, as some of the best moments in the book are Avenger related.  A phone call with Squirrel Girl for instance.  An appearance by Ben Grimm.  Every comic could use more Ben Grimm and that’s a fact.

But mainly?  Mainly it doesn’t seem right, some how.  Maybe if I reread it I could give you a better reason.

End of the day?  This was a good buy.  A very depressing buy, but a good one.


2 Replies to “A Few Thoughts on a Certain Webslinger”

  1. Is MJ still absent from his life? As long as she’s not in the comic, I might consider reading it.

    Glad you found some Spidey you could love. It really has been a long time since the main marvel universe comic was worth reading.

  2. No, sadly MJ is still there. She isn’t the girl friend, which is nice, but she’s still there.

    Give it a go anyways. Maybe not this particular one, an early one, say, or a later one. But try it. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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