Mom sometimes has trouble with names. As an example, while calling Brother Todd she once went through every name in our immediate family before hitting the right one, including our dog Baron.  And Baron had been dead for a little while at that point.

This isn’t a new thing, just something my family has learned to deal with as the years gone pass.  And, being who we are, something we sometimes have a little fun with.

For instance, yesterday we were talking about giving Brother Eric $20 and she said “We have to remember to get Cullen a twenty.”

This, as you might surmise, was all good with me.  I said, “And after we give Cullen a twenty, we should get a twenty for Eric.”

A disgusted look crossed her face.

Pressing my (sadly all too rare) advantage, I said, “And we probably ought to get Todd twenty too.”

Without missing a beat she asked, “Why should we give him twenty-two?”

To my eternal shame, it took me a good couple of seconds before catching on.

Names Mom might have trouble with, but with zapping her children she has no difficulties.


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