Thoughts on Power Girl? At Welltun Cares Presents? UNTHINKABLE!

I have no idea who the guy in the mask is, but I hate him so much right now.

This is, of course, repeating myself, but I don’t know why I started liking Power Girl.  It just happened in ’05.  I saw a panel of her from some comic or another and was smitten by her.  Love at first sight, as it were.  Which amuses me to no end, as I’m not romantic enough to believe in something like love at first sight.  Godzilla and Gamera stomping around Tokyo makes more sense to me.

It wasn’t for the two reasons most lonely males liked her for.  Where that the case, they’d be a hell of a lot more Tarot or Lady Death images on this site than there are.  (Go ahead. Check.)  In fact, she had something pretty damning stacked against her: she’s (literally) a Supergirl variant.  And while I’ve always like Supergirl and her cousin, I’ve never liked them enough to follow either of them.

The panel (which can be found here) had an innocence and sweetness about it that I found appealing. It wasn’t a typical superhero attitude as far as I could recall at the time.  I liked it.

Not one of my fave covers.

Pity that it was a complete and total misreading of who she was.  I can’t say about her characterization in the comic in question; being the ever wondrous fan of the character I’ve yet to seek it out.  However, unlike the Power Girl I imagined, the real Power Girl is far more brash and a lot more blunt than innocent and sweet.

Which was fine with me.  I’m not a one type of character guy.

So far, in my six years of liking the character, I have read exactly three story lines featuring here.  Three.  From a gift I got from my brother.

This doesn’t speak well of me as a fan.

(In my defense, I do have a massive multiplayer online game I have no interest in downloaded on my PS 3 because she’s in it.  Briefly.

(Bear in mind it was free.

(I’m a fanboy, but I’m not nuts.)

Part of my problem is that it’s so damn easy to confuse brass and blunt with raging jackass.  That’s my problem with what I’ve seen of her appearances on DeMatteis/Giffen run on the Justice League (I know she was in Justice League Europe, but beyond that…  and yeah.  Big fan, I).  From what I’ve seen she’s simply unlikable.

I dunno where this came from, but I love it.

Which is something I find astounding, as the DeMatteis/Giffen run is one I’m sorry I missed out on when it was big.  But that’s another blog post that I’ll never get to.

The way to handle a brass character, at least for me, is with a little bit of humor.  Not making fun of the character necessarily, though that will work.  More someone who’s dialogue tends towards humor and wisecracking.  A good example of this in a Power Girl comic would be Showcase Presents #97 – 99, which I blather about here.

The other way is with moderation.  Too of anything becomes unbearable.  This is not to say I want a PG with no strong opinions.  Nor her never expressing said opinions.  It’s just…

Portrait of a man on the verge of losing a finger. Among other things.

I’m sorry.  The panel over on the right?  That’s my new favorite.  It’s from her most recent series and, to run a theme into the ground, one I missed every issue of.  The expression on her face is just priceless.  I’ve got to get the trade.  I just gotta.

I’m going to be very disappointed if a right hook isn’t forthcoming.  Several in fact.  Macking on my Power Girl…

Where was I before I went delusional?

No, grade school isn’t the right answer.  Close though.  So close.


What do I want from a Power Girl comic?  In general what I want from any story: a proactive protagonist who succeeds or fails based on her own actions.  For PG specific I want someone who can be irritable at times but not out-and-out abrasive about it.  Someone who quips, but not constant.

And I don’t want the boobs any bigger than they already are.  ‘Cause with some artist… they become a might disturbing in size.


3 Replies to “Thoughts on Power Girl? At Welltun Cares Presents? UNTHINKABLE!”

  1. I just got around to reading this, and it’s up to your usual Power Girl standard: fantastic.

    I just want you to remember something: I only said I could “outdo your Power Girl quotient” – meaning I could, if I wanted, put more Power Girl in my blog than you could. I never said anything at all about the actual quality of my Power Girl posts.

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