The Only Acceptable Reason For Vampires To Sparkle

A little break from NaNoWriMo here (doing good novel-wise but not as good as last year count-wise) to direct the reader to the following EARTH SHATTERING QUESTION:

Could the Enterprise beam a vampire into a house [the vampire] didn’t have permission to enter? (source here)

Actually, I'd pick Godzilla over Gamera, but the turtle has some pictures of me I don't want the world to see. Yet.

Now I know that’s a comic book/sci fi fan question.  Sort of like could Spider-man take out Batman (yes, duh) or if Godzilla could beat Gamera (too close to call; whatever nation the battle happened in would be screwed forever).  Something that, when looked at a distance, is a particularly worthless/pointless discussion.

However this particular question seems more pointless than most, because the answer is obvious: of course they could.  They don’t even have to use the transporters to do it.  They could just carry the coffin into the house and plop the undead horror down on the carpet.  It’s a magical restriction based on the individual monster, not a force shield.

I mean, sheesh.  Some people overthink things.  Ammirite?

(Oh, and the Doctor could take out any Star Trek series captain within about five minutes.  For the record.)


2 Replies to “The Only Acceptable Reason For Vampires To Sparkle”

  1. I’m not sure why you would want to anger the Trekkers with that comment – we Whovians are outnumbered by them by about 5 to 1. Of course, it is a simple truth. The Doctor (at least the David Tennant version) was called a “Lonely God”. Since “Lonely God” is several ranks higher than “Child God” on the divine scale, and “Child God” is the highest level of divine any Star Trek Captain has been able to properly defeat, all of the Star Trek Commanders would sorta loose automatically.

    (Well, Kirk took out a “False God” but that’s only one rank about Child God, so, still not up with “Lonely God”, really. Kirk might last an extra minute or two.)

    Anyway, I agree – that’s the only reason Vampires should sparkle. That, or when being fought and taken out by Tinker Bell – who could easily defeat any Twilight or Vampire Chronicles vampire. Not sure about the BtVS or Underworld ones, though.

    Did… did you actually read the first book/watch the first movie? Vampires play baseball during thunderstorms. I won’t tell you why. You’ll have to find out the same way I was forced to.

  2. On the Doctor and Star Trek – Jeez, dude. The Doctor takes out Gods for breakfast. Not only did he take out a Death God he put paid to one that ate death itself. There is no comparison. None.

    Not that you were trying. I just like arguing with you.

    On Twilight – Outside of that Cracked article I showed you and a few other sources I’ve stayed delightfully Twilight free. It’s the way I intend to remain.

    Except… I do have this review site that needs reviews… And it can’t be worse than Octaman, right?



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