NaNo 2011 – Day Four

Mermaid Saga
Loved the first OVA. Don't think I saw the second.

God, what a difference a day makes.  I forced myself through the ennui and reached yesterday’s quota.  Then while running errands, I had multiple breakthroughs with the story.  Which resulted in a change in protagonist, several name changes, and a mild lift from Rumiko Takahasi’s “Mermaid Forest“.  Now I’m ecstatic about the story.  I can’t wait to work on it some more.

I still don’t quite have a plot yet, but I have a better idea of what is what.  I have all my players in place save the antagonist.  Can’t wait to meet him (or her).

But that was yesterday.  Who knows what will happen today?

(Well, first I sleep, but beyond that.)

Better than 10% of the novel done.  Every chance still open to success.  Here goes…


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