NaNo 2011 – Day Three

Every year I do a little sub-journal of my NaNoWriMo experience.  I’m usually better at updating during this time, except this year’s been a little problematic.  See, I’ve

  • Suffered from Writer’s Block on Day One.  I’d start a story, dump it, start another, dump it.  I finally found one I liked and got my quota.  That should have been enough to keep me running and gaining except
  • Had to rescue Brother Todd on Day Two.  He bought himself a junker for a car and needed a jump to get.  Which didn’t help get him home.  Which resulted in me spending a good hour in the middle of nowhere instead of writing.  I managed to get home and writing, enough to fill my quota.  Good stuff, too, except.
  • I have ennui today on Day Three.  I don’t wanna write.  At all.

Which is why, no doubt, I’m writing this post instead of the novel.  Fun.

Three days in is too soon to take a break from writing.  But I’m going to see this through, damn it.  What I have is good.  That’s what matters.

At least no one’s in the hospital, right?  <cross fingers>Hope, hope, hope</cross>


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