The Hell…?! (XXIV): This Costume… I Think It… Why Would Any Woman… Huh

Fashion sense tends to be like the moon for me.  I know it’s there but I can’t really come to grips with it.  Literally, I mean.

Not that I have no dress sense, mind.  It’s just that what I think looks good doesn’t match what the rest of humanity thinks is good.

Take, for instance, the costume on the right (click to get a better gander).  I’m fairly certain I’ve seen it on a Bad Costume list this year, or perhaps one like it.  To me, it doesn’t look that bad.  Tacky to the extremes, maybe.  Not something I’d wear myself (these are the jokes, folks).  But all in all, not bad.

Of course, the model might have something to do with my appreciation.  Never let it be said that a shapely form doesn’t distract me.

God what I wouldn’t give to see her in a Power Girl outfit.


But I digress.

Today, as I wandered the web, I found a costume that made my head sort of, I dunno, cave in.

I mean, I get wanting to wear something silly.  That’s fine.  But this strikes me as one joke.  Yeah, the door at your crouch has a cat behind it, we get the play on words, ha ha.  It’d be old after five minutes.  Imagine someone wearing that through an entire party.

I suppose what I’m saying here holds true with any “funny” costume.  The mind sort of boggles at the notion anyone would want to wear something like that.  Seems like a waste of money, to me.

Then again, Ms. Ghostbuster isn’t much better in that regard.  Were I a female fan, I’d probably either pick up the male (less sexy) version, or make my own.  But that’s me.  See first paragraph, please.


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