Prepping For NaNoWriMo

Things might be slowing down here at Welltun Cares Presents, but that doesn’t mean I’m slowing down.  Nope.  Never been more active in this decrepit old rocking chair of mine.

And God, I wish that was a joke.  I have expect the damn thing to eat me like some sort of furniture blob type thing.  I know, I know, horrible metaphor, let’s just move on.

Next month is the BIG ONE, the one I look forward to all year, the one that puts a knot in the gut.  Next week is NaNoWriMo.  Where I will once again try to thrown 50,000 words into a coherent whole in the vain hope of having something to send out to a publisher.

Currently I’m doing two things prepping for that 30 day excursion into terror and wonder.  The first off is that I’m taking notes.  I’m not going into a great amount of detail, save I have nine potential story lines to chose from, which means I’m not going to pick any of them.  And no I’m not going to explain why that is.  I’m too busy hoping I’m wrong.

The second, though, is much more positive.  I’m trying to mantain a buffer over at the sister site, Welltun Cares Reviews.  One post a week throughout November.

See, I’ve learned something working on this blog.  Regular updates and a set focus helps a blog out.  WCR has the focus, now it needs the updates.  Which is hard to do with  a review blog while writing 1667 words a day.

And yes I did the math for that.  Even made a little chart.

And yes, the crew at NaNoWriMo have come out with a widget that does the counting for you.

I’m still weeping over that.  All that math, wasted.

As per usual the updates around here in November will consist of progress reports on how the NaNo writing is going.  Though I have plans on that score to make things a little more… interesting.  Or easier on the RSS/Twitter.  In any case, if you need a good old fashion dose of Cullen writing goodness (and honestly, who doesn’t?) head over to WCR every Saturday to see what horrors I’ve inflicted on myself.  Long posts there, I’m afraid, but you can break them down a day at a time.

If you want.

Until November, I hope to have a few more posts here.  One sad and fun tomorrow (I think, I’ve been putting it off) and another around the 20th.

Or more, if whim hits.

Until we meet again, make sure to look both ways when crossing the street.  ‘Cause you might be hit by a garbage truck and dragged down the street for several city blocks.  Among other things…


6 Replies to “Prepping For NaNoWriMo”

    1. Yay fantasy! Any particular branch of Fantasy or do you mix it up each year? I dabble with a different genre each year. It’s a great challenge and provides relevant research distractions when I hit a block.
      I look forward to seeing your updates!

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