Why I Love Video Games

The above image comes from the strategy RPG Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together.  In the image, toward the top, is a little fairy.  Her name is Nadia.  Not long before this screen shot was captured, I managed to convince her to join my merry band of heroes.

Now the blue shape near the pine trees is the dragon Mars.  He used to be on the same team as Nadia.  Seeing the fairy betray him and his comrades has miffed him something fierce.

Right in front of Nadia is a grayish rock looking thing.  This, unsurprisingly, is a rock.  One that Mars has thrown with all his strength at Nadia.

Note the circular shape right between rock and fairy.  This is a shield Nadia has pulled out to defend herself from attack.

In less time than it took you to read the word “in”, the rock will hit the shield.  It will bounce off and leave Nadia unharmed.  She won’t even move an inch.

That’s why I love video games.

6 Replies to “Why I Love Video Games”

    1. Oh, the soundest. It was either join us or die. Sounds harsh, but considering her group wasn’t going to recruit any of us, I think we were being quite reasonable. Fortunately for her, not only was our dental plan was better than what she was getting with her old group, but we provided a better range of perks.

      I’d have given Mars a similar chance, but I didn’t have anyone on the team that spoke dragon.

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