The Hell… ?! (XXIII) – Mary Worth and 9/11

So I was over at The Comics Curmudgeon today and I read the following:

…don’t worry, I will NEVER FORGET Mary Worths 9/11 tribute

This bears investigating, I thought.  So, using the magic of the Internet, I looked up today’s Mary Worth.  I looked it up and saw.

Nietzsche was right about the Abyss.

Now I know what a Lovecraft protagonist feels like.

When Josh Fruhlinger, the guy who runs The Comics Curmudgeon, updates his site, I will link the full and unbearable horror right about here.  However, in order for you to prepare, let me describe the nightmarish scene so that your still tender senses might full comprehend the magnitude of my unnameable and surely preternatural terror.

Christ, now the damnable piece has me writing like a Lovecraft protagonistComplete with unnecessary italics!

No, wait, I do that anyway.

Never mind.

The Mary Worth comic, as can be seen by the panel above, deals with the devastating attack that occurred ten years ago on September 11.  On the surface, it’s Worth consoling a grieving mother named Lois who lost her son Michael.  It’s heartfelt, means well, and is utterly awful.

Look at that panel again.  Here she is reminding poor Lois of the date.  Of the date.  One of the worst things that has happened here in the USA in maybe even a century, and Worth feels the need to remind her.

People outside this fair nation of mine may not be aware of it, but it was virtually impossible to avoid hearing about the upcoming anniversary.  On this, this is the day that Lois lost her son.  There is no reason on Earth to be telling her this because there is no way on Earth she forgot.

Again, look at the panel.  Look at that little smirk she has on her face.  More often than not in this particular strip, the woman has a God damn smile on her face.  She is clearly, clearly getting off on what she’s doing.

But that’s not the capper.  Oh no.  We know from the first two panels that Worth didn’t connect with Lois.  So she’s leaving the whole thing as a message on Lois’ answering machine.  Which means maybe Lois won’t get it today.  Maybe she’ll get to it tomorrow, when she feels like she might have gotten through the worst of it.  She’ll start listening and there will Worth’s voice will be, waiting for her, like a landmine.

There are only three words that completely describe my feelings towards this comic.




3 Replies to “The Hell… ?! (XXIII) – Mary Worth and 9/11”

  1. Yeah… I’m not sure I want to read the original one…

    I’ve never been much for Mary Worth to begin with. Something about that comic has always bugged me, and I couldn’t tell you what it is.

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