All the Welltun Cares Reviews News You Can Use

For the curious, I’m still here.  Most of my focus has been over at Welltun Cares Reviews, thus the lull in posting here.  Slipping into a weekly schedule over there has helped with updates, as has getting myself a week buffer.

I used announce these thing here,  but for some reasons (aliens more likely than sloth) I let it slip.  For the curious, here are the most recent reviews I’ve done, from the last official announcement here (The Ape):

RAW! I'm a SCARY part of one of these films! FEAR ME! FEAR THE EVIL BABY OF EVIL!

This coming Saturday (Sept. 10) will see the classic Satanic snake flick Jaws of Satan.  And I call it classic because I can think of no other Satanic snake flicks off the top of my head, thus giving it the win by default.

In related news (see the last link below for further details) no luck finding my copy of Pieces.  And I can’t believe I wrote that.  I’ve begun checking places like the Half Price Book store for used copies, but no joy.

“Oh dear, Cullen”, some might say, “if only there was another option.  If only there was to some world-wide web thing that might allow you to buy items from the relative comfort of your own home.  Then maybe you could do something.”

I’ve looked into it.  Believe me.  I can get a copy of the movie relatively cheap through Amazon (as I recall.)  The problem is I don’t want to pay good money for a film that I’m probably going to watch only once.  Been there, done that, do not enjoy.

As a part of a collection (preferably with a movie I don’t have) would be ideal.  That’s my hope.  Along with either Netflix instant queue or Hulu.  Or finding my copy.

Until then, I’ll have me my unpleasant dreams…


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