If Given a Chance to Know The Future…

WordPress has been giving writing prompts of late, and while I appreciate the effort, few of them have been tripping the Muse, if you get my drift.  The reasons are varied, but the point is that today that changed.  Today I received this question:

If you were given a chance to know what happens in your future, would you take it?

Now how could I not answer this?  I wish I thought of the question myself.

Why?  Because the answer isn’t a straight forward “Yes” or “No”.  It takes a full amount of deep thought.  You know.  Really getting that bean a burning.

Let’s take a quick moment to look at the question itself.  The way it’s phrased, it’s implied that by whatever means or method it happens, by answering “Yes!” I will have access to my own destiny.  This is potent, potent stuff.  A real temptation for almost any person.

Am I right or am I right?

But before I learn my fate, I would need to know a few things.

First off, how do I acquire this knowledge?  Do I gain it from an intermediary (a Future Man, say, or an Oracle) or is it beamed direct into my head?

Assuming it’s the latter, I’d need to know if beaming prophecies into a man’s grey matter is safe or not.  It would really tick me off if I did it and found out my future was an instant lobotomy.

The former is only a bit less problematic.  Let’s say, for the sake of things, I had a pretty young Oracle knocking at the door, practically panting over the opportunity to speak with me.

Stop snickering.  It could happen.

In this case, the question becomes “Who sent the intermediary?”  Was the Oracle sent by Apollo?  Cthuhlu?  Allen Funt?  Some people I wouldn’t want to be associated with.  Cthuhlu’s cool, but the other two?  Nah.

With me so far?

Okay, let’s say that the pretty young Oracle is working her way through Oracle Collage (Seer U, for the record).  I’ve been chosen at random as a test for her powers.  Would I pretty please let her tell me my future?

N-no let's talk this over Puh Puh Puh Por.... OH NO THE STUTTER WASN'T ME MOCKING YOU I SWEAR!

Well that all depends.  Can I change the future?  If, say, I’m fated to meet my end at the hands of Porky Pig, is there a way I can escape my porcine pursuer?  Or shall I be slain by the stuttering swine no matter what I do?  Because quite frankly, I’m content not knowing there’s a boar out there with my name on him.

Which… sounds really really bad all of a sudden.

So she says that yes, I can change the future.  So what will it be?  If given a chance to know my future, would I take it?

If all of the answers are positive, then I think I probably would.  My might stall a bit (I’m really creeped out about Porky now, okay?), but at the end of the day, I’d say yes.

And bear the consequences.

"FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PORKY!" "Y-yeah! Fuh fuh for the love of Guh God!"

For a even more fictional look at this subject, might I suggest you looking at Thanks, Future Man!, a short short I wrote a while back.  No WONDER I like this question…


3 Replies to “If Given a Chance to Know The Future…”

  1. haha that was a very good point! i mean yeah, knowing the future would be useless and perhaps even very depressing if you knew there was nothing you could do about it anyways so if that’s the case, i’d rather not see it.

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