Onknee Spambot On the USA

Spam never changes.

Well, that’s not true.  It changes a lot.

But what doesn’t change is the tiny, tiny tears it causes in my poor, fragile, miniscule brain.  Consider the following:

The United States is really made up of a bunch of tiny countries. It is really neat to see how there are different laws in each state and how each of them keep order. I am surprised that there isn’t more fights between states but I think someday there will be. There is too much pride in each one for horrible things not to happen some day. It might not be a bad idea to just have one law for all states instead of them being able to create their own. Thoughts?

But for the name of the poster (which I will refrain from giving) and the incongruous post inflicted by this spam (the latest proof that I am, indeed, an ass) you might actually think that this came from a real, honest to God human person.

Now where the tears come from are two conflicting replies.  Replies that, I must add, are completely unnecessary, as I intent to delete this post right after I finish here.  Replies that I find all but impossible to keep from giving.

For the record?  The replies are as follows:

  • Reply #1:  There is one law for all states.  It’s called the Constitution of the United States.  It has been in place for the length of the country.  We feel it’s a very nice document, except for those who feel it’s too restrictive/not restrictive enough.
  • Reply #2: They’ve already had a big fight.  It was called the American Civil War.  It was considered no fun for all involved and we’ve been reluctant to have one ever since.

There!  There!  It’s out of my system.   Maybe I can think of something else.  ANYTHING else.


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