If I Was a Little Less Lazy I Might Have Written a Shorter Blog Post

I dunno.  Maybe it’s too hot to write.

Or, perhaps, maybe I should say it’s too hot to blog.  I’ve been writing.  Nothing to report on that front (or on the more recent stories I’ve finished which are, sadly, still being checked fer the grammar).

I did a review for the other blog and it was hot hot HOT! so maybe it’s just laziness on my part.

Probably laziness on my part.

Almost definitely.

Part of the problem is that some of the things I wanna talk about irritate me.  To the point of irrationality.  That’s no fun.

But mostly it’s laziness.

Lazy days of summer.

Saw Captain America over the weekend.  I’m torn between saying it’s better than Iron Man and that is a bit… hollow.  I could say more, but, you know.


I will say, hollow or not, it’s the best Captain America movie I have ever seen.  Not that that’s saying much, considering the competition.  The Pyun version is an embarrassment before God and man, and the less said about the TV movies, the better.  (Yes, even the one with Christopher Lee in it…)

Captain America Comics#1 (March 1941). Cover a...
Image via Wikipedia

Also got word that Doctor Who returns August 29, I believe.  Which connects with Captain America in that the first episode of the second half has Adolf Hitler in it.  (You know.  Cap’s first appearance.  To the right.) I doubt his episode will top his appearance in Tomorrow People, where he turned out to be a melty space alien.

Or something like that.

It’s been a while.

Speaking of shows that occasionally had mummies in it, I should mention that this coming Friday (July 29) sees the pilot for the new Thundercats series.  Looks good.  Might even wax lyrical about it, if this turns out to be the case.

Or not.  You know.


While we are yakking about animated shows with swords in them, I might as well mention purchasing Dragon’s Lair for the PS3.  I did so mainly because it has a feature that plays all the floors like an animated movie.  The game itself has a lousy plot, but I enjoyed playing it.

In degrees I enjoyed it.  Some areas are harder than others, and for little gain.  But mostly I enjoyed playing it and I’m thinking of picking up the sequel and Space Ace.  Not right away, mind.  But I am thinking about it a little harder than before.

Hurts the brain.  Wears me out.  Because I’m so…

You know the word…

 Know I must have used it in the blog before, but y’know, I’m just too lazy to find out.


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