It’s Official: I’m Now Looking Forward to the New Spider-man Movie

I still have a problem with casting Sally Fields as Aunt May (Sally Fields!), but between the trailer and a few snippets I’ve heard, it’s looking good:

And from Ain’t It Cool News, the following descriptions from what was shown at Comic Con:

The scene has a thug break into a car. He sits behind the wheel and Spider-Man, in full costume is sitting in the backseat already. “In the future, if you’re going to steal cars, don’t dress like a car thief.” “Who are you? Are you a cop?” Spidey tilts his head. “Really? You seriously think I’m a cop? In a skintight, red and blue suit?”

We cut to Spidey with another thug who is brandishing a knife. Spider-Man raises his hands in the air and gets down on his knees saying (in an exaggerated way): “Is that a knife? Is that a real knife?” “Yes, it’s a knife!” “No, no! Not a knife! Anything but that!” then Spidey webshoots the Thug’s knife hand to the wall behind him and starts playing with the dude, even pretending to sneeze and shooting more web fluid on him.

That sounds good.  Hopefully the rest of the film lives up to it…


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