A Study of a Cover

Below we have an actual book cover that I once spied in a late, lamented Borders bookstore. I have edited out the title for purposes that will reveal themselves later on.  Hard Case Crime was the publishing house that released it:

Now what we have here is a beautiful woman being threatened by a muscular man.  Typical pulp detective fare.  Am I right or am I right?

On the back, we have the following description.  In the interest of fair play, let me point out that I’ve used my mastery of image manipulation to remove eight words from the end of the last sentence:

Now what kind of great detective would you expect would be involved in this matter, judging by the description given and cover?  Phillip Marlowe, maybe?  Sam SpadeMike HammerThomas Magnum?

Maybe not one of those worthies, but at least some hard talking, world-weary P.I., right?  Right?

Here’s the actual plot description with the eight words in place.  The little red line is my only addition:

 Sherlock Holmes.

And not some by another hand watered down Xerox copy Sherlock Holmes, but one written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  Here’s the proof:

A. C. Doyle.  The mind reels.

The amusing thing is that the cover may well detail an event happening in the book.  Having never read the story, I can’t say.  It might literally be a scene that’s had its sexuality heightened.

Which, giving Sherlock Holmes’ asexual nature, tickles me more that I could say.  I sure do wish I had the book now, in fact.


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