Even If You Leave Silent Hill, You Will Never Leave Silent Hill

Now why the Hell wasn’t this news broadcast across the world by a choir of Angels?  What news, you ask?  Well, the news that Konami is releasing a Silent Hill collection, digitally remaster in HD.  Silent Hill 3 and the classic, the one, the only, the best in the series, the definition of Survival Horror, the greatest game in the world (well, top three) Silent Hill 2Silent Hill 2, people!  The game you don’t play in the dark with your cat lurking about!

Silent Hill 2
Image via Wikipedia

I think Internet Video Game critic Yahtzee said it best when he said about the news:


According to this article, it’s a PS3 exclusive and… hey!  I have a PS3!  Got one for Christmas!  Aren’t I lucky?

Now all I need is money.

Whelp.  Time to sell the other kidney.

I’m sure Brother Todd won’t miss it that much.


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