DAM! It’s Coming! or Two Down, Two To Go! or NEW CLASSIC GODZILLA ON DVD

Hopefully on October 25, we should be getting a brand new DVD of the above. Which makes me happy, as I managed to miss out last time. Not a lot of word on what’s involved, but what word there is can be found here.

This guy’s CRAZY! All Monsters Attack is a CLASSIC! Because I’m in it!

You might also note another title mentioned.  Godzilla v. Megalon.  This puppy is, by my reckoning, one of the worst Godzilla movies ever made.  Bottom three, man.  Right under Godzilla v. the Smog Monster. But not at the bottom.  If you can dig.

Still, when it comes out, Ima gonna snap it up quick like.  Unlike some other, more wretched Godzilla movies out there.  That I could mention.  But won’t.

In any case, when these come out, there will be only two Godzillas left that haven’t reached the States in DVD format.  That would be Godzilla 1985 and the classic (really!) Godzilla v. Biollante.  Fingers crossed for these two to come soon.


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